Established in 1988 M I T K A & PARTNERS specializes in the development and production of suction equipment for conservation of paintings, textiles and paper.

The range of conservation equipment designed and offered by M I T K A & PARTNERS includes suction tables with working surface bespoke to individual requirements. Tables suitable for treatment of monumental format paintings as well as Portable Mini Low Pressure Suction Apparatus, "The M i t k a Table", can be manufactured. The prototype of The M i t k a Table was designed and developed by the firmís founder, Wieslaw Mitka, in 1983.

Many years of comprehensive experience in conservation technologies have resulted in M I T K A & PARTNERS being able to successfully fulfil requirements of conservators of art for nearly two decades. M I T K A & PARTNERS equipment can be found in conservation workshops around the world. Among their Clients M & P can count leading international art restorers and world famous Art Institutions. M & P also specialises in the execution of non-conventional conservation tasks.

In addition M & P offers training and workshops for Art Institutions and private restorers in the structural treatment of paintings on canvas, textiles and paper.

For more information please contact Wieslaw Mitka at the above address.

Wieslaw Mitka, director