M i t k a Ergonomic Suction Table
for conservation of paintings, textiles and paper – half size

The M i t k a Ergonomic Suction Table is large table for the restoration of a wide variety of materials in a museum quality environment. It is a high quality aluminium and stainless steel construction, designed for a very long and trouble-free service life. It is designed by restorers for restorers, to be absolutely reliable and straightforward in operation, and to solve both the conventional and unconventional requirements of different types of restoration projects.

Electronically and continuously controlled temperature, limited to 100 C
Conductive Heat Transmission System, 1.8 kW
Parallel, fully controlled air flow
Electronically adjustable pressure regulation up to 120 cm of water column
Working surface aluminium sheet consists of a single plate 150 x110 cm

Dimensions external: 155 cm X 115 cm
Height: 80 cm adjustable to 120 cm
Weight overall: 150 kg

Technical Features
Designed for relatively low weight. The core of the table weighs 100 kg and the remaining parts, which can be dismantled, weigh 50 kg.

Digital M i t k a control panel, quick response gauges and accurate “feel” controls for heat and pressure.

Perforated aluminium sheets built in 2 layers, allowing proper evacuation of humidity. Also easily dismountable for cleaning. The suction control responds instantly making subtle changes in suction possible.

Heating elements are of the highest quality, specially designed and built in the USA. They have a very high capacity, ensuring even and stable heat distribution over the entire surface as well as excellent reliability.

Table operates with one variable control 500 watt industrial Nilfisk vacuum cleaner type GTE, powered by bypass primary cooled motors. The motors are designed for quiet operation. Air flow capacity of 34 l. per sec. The vacuum cleaners are enclosed in a noise-proof box for very quiet operation. They are an anti-spark design, and are not affected by moisture.

Operational Features
Developed for and utilized by leading art restorers for over 20 years for structural treatments. Well suited for Canvas, Textiles, and Paper. Wooden panels and murals have also been treated using this equipment with great success. A flexible design that encourages innovative uses.

Operating Efficiency
Designed for maximum energy efficiency. Heating elements are electronically controlled and optimised to the working temperature of the table, quickly reaching operating temperature and maintaining the temperature with a low electrical consumption.

Cost of Maintenance
Generally the table is maintenance-free, although regular cleanings are beneficial to the life of the equipment.

Limited 3 year warranty.

Optional Extended Warranty
If an extended warranty for up to 6 years is desired, a service contract can be offered as an option, which includes on-site regularly scheduled checks, cleaning, and adjustments. Please inquire for pricing.

M I T K A & PARTNERS reserves the right to make modifications in form of operational improvements to the equipment where deemed necessary or appropriate.